Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 3: Student Affairs

03:05:08   Visitors

Related Policies and Guidelines

NeSCC Policy 07:05:00 Programs for Minors on Campus

Visitors are always welcome on Northeast State campuses. Areas for visitor parking are clearly marked. For persons visiting the Blountville and Johnson City campuses, visitor passes are available from the Northeast State Police Department or Welcome Center. Visitors who receive citations should return the citation to the Northeast State Police Department.

Visitors are not permitted in classrooms on any Northeast State campus except with prior approval of the classroom instructor. Children are not permitted to attend classes or lab sessions under any circumstances and should never be left unattended or without supervision in any area of the college. Please see NeSCC Policy 07:05:00.

*TBR policies may be viewed at: https://policies.tbr.edu/. Additional NES policies may be viewed at: http://cwis.northeaststate.edu/oie/policymanual/pol.asp?p=94. TBR and NES policies, procedures and guidelines are updated regularly and should be viewed in conjunction with the Student Handbook. *

Please see Northeast State Visitor/Volunteer Conduct Expectations

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