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Chapter 3: Student Affairs

03:10:02   Parking Zones

Related Policies and Guidelines

NeSCC Policy 04:58:00 Traffic and Parking Regulations

General Information

1)  All sanctions for violation of this parking zone policy are outlined in NeSCC Policy 04:58:00 Traffic and Parking Regulations along with other information about driving on campus.

2)  Northeast State has two types of parking that is designated by signage, Permit Only and General Parking.

3) Permit Only Parking is available for faculty, employees, and visitors to the campus. Permanent hangtags are issued by the Office of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness. Temporary hangtags are distributed by the Northeast State Police Department. Visitor parking permits are distributed through the Police Department. Authorized employees must properly display a Northeast State hangtags in vehicles. Permit Only Parking is not enforced after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays or at all on weekends.

4)  Visitors are guest receiving citations in error should return them to the Chief of Police for disposition. Large groups of visitors or guests seeking to be accommodated by having a block of parking spaces reserved by Campus Police should make this request completing a Use of Facilities form requested in advance of the event.

5)  General Parking will be available for all other parking and is on a first come, first served basis.

6) A current hangtag or decal issued by any recognized institution of higher education in the greater region allows the visitor to park in a parking lot specific to the privileges of the issuing institution. For example, vehicles with another institution's student permit/hangtag would be permitted to park in General Parking. Vehicles with staff or faculty permits/hangtags would be permitted to park in Permit Only lots.

7) Current Northeast State CC parking hangtags are specifically recognized for parking privileges at East Tennessee State University   .

8) All parking should be done in such a manner as not to interfere with general traffic flow as not to impede another properly parked vehicles. Parking on grass or any other area not specifically designated for parking is prohibited.

9) Owners of vehicles left on campus overnight or longer should notify Campus Police regarding the length of time the vehicle will be parked. Northeast State does not take responsibiltiy for vehicles or their contents whne parked on campus.

10) Vehicles which appear to be abandoned or inappropriately parked will be dealt with in accordance with current Tennessee Board of Regents and Northeast State policies and procedures and with State law.

Parking at curbs

11)  All curbed areas adjacent to any building owned, controlled, or leased by the College are designated as fire lanes except where loading and unloading zones are indicated. Parking in fire lanes is prohibited.

12)  Some curbed areas are designated as Loading and Unloading Zones with a 20 minute time limit and some are designated 5 minutes.

Handicapped Parking

13)  The purpose of handicapped parking is to increase accessibility to the college for individuals with a disability. Handicapped parking restrictions remain in force 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

14)  Any individual with a state-issued license plate, placard, or decal designating handicapped accessibility accommodation requirements is permitted to park in any handicapped parking space regardless of status with the college and regardless if they have a Northeast State hangtag or any type of hangtag/permit from another institution. Properly marked handicapped vehicles, in accordance with State law, may also utilize Permit Only lots.

15)  Some handicapped parking spaces are larger and designated as Van Accessible.

16)  Some signage indicates accessibility pathways for individuals using handicapped parking.

Reserved Parking

17)  Some parking spaces are reserved for specific individuals or types of visitors, vehicle types, or the plant Operations and Maintenance Department of the College and should only be used for those purposes during weekday business hours. These reserved parking spaces fall into the categories below.


20)  The following reserved parking is always enforced and should be observed by all vehicles:

a)    Handicapped

b)    Permit only

c)    Parking space(s) reserved through Campus Police

e)    Maintenance Vehicle Parking Only

f)    Motorcycle Parking Only

g)   Motor Pool Only

g)   Reserved for Guest of the President

i)    Reserved Parking for President


Student Parking

22)  Students are permitted to park in Student Parking, General Parking, and undesignated parking.

23)  Student parking on weekends and after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays is also allowed in the reserved parking with the exceptions of Handicap, Permit only, and Reserved Parking 24 Hours Faculty and Staff.

Faculty and Staff Parking 

24)  Otherwise, faculty and staff are permitted to park in Faculty and Staff spaces, Student Parking, and General Parking unless otherwise allowed to park in Restricted Parking above.

Visitor Parking

23)  Visitors to campus should obtain a visitor parking pass in advance through a department or from the Welcome Center upon arriving on campus.

24)  Visitors are also allowed to park in Visitor parking spaces, Faculty and Staff lots, Student Parking, and General Parking.



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