Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 3: Student Affairs

03:06:09   Programs and Activities


  1. The use of any campus property or buildings by an organization shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the TBR and Northeast State Community College concerning use of property and facilities.
  2. All organizations registered pursuant to this policy shall be “affiliated organizations” for the purposes of any TBR or College policies concerning use of campus property and facilities.
  3. Except for routine meetings of the organization, no on-campus program or activity shall be engaged in unless approved by the designated bodies and/or officials of the College, and the College may require prior approval for off-campus programs and activities. Prior to approval, the College may require a specified number of officials or security officers for any event, activity or program. Requests for activities should be submitted on the Campus Request for Special Activity Form available in the Student Life offices.
  4. All materials promoting programs and activities of the organization must clearly state that the program and/or activity is sponsored by the affiliated organization(s). The name, seal, or any symbol of the College cannot be used without permission per NeSCC Policy 03:06:01.
  5. Any fundraising activity on campus shall be for the benefit of the organization as a whole or a charity. Funds shall not be distributed to the officers or members for personal profit or gain. Fundraising activities must be approved in advance. Student organizations desiring to conduct fundraising activities must initiate a request to raise funds through the Office of Student Life. All materials promoting the fundraising activity must clearly state the intended disbursement and/or donation of proceeds.
  6. No guest speakers shall be invited to the campus except pursuant to policies of the Tennessee Board of Regents and the College.

(Types of Student Organizations: TBR Policy 3-01-01-00.)

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