Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6: College Committees & Advisory Councils

06:39:00   Strategic Planning

06:39:00   Strategic Planning Committee

  1. Purpose: The Strategic Planning Committee coordinates and supports the College’s comprehensive strategic planning, management, and improvement process.  As an advisory function to the president, the council is comprised of faculty, staff, and student participants representing a cross section of the college community.  With respect to planning, the council provides leadership for the College’s long-range strategic planning initiatives through the development and implementation of each Ten-Year Strategic Plan.  Through campus-wide involvement, the council supports overall academic and administrative planning and development; establishes strategic goals and priorities; reviews and reaffirms the documents that frame the College’s comprehensive commitment to provide educational programs at the highest levels of quality: the Vision, Values and Mission; supports the establishment of departmental priorities in the form of operational objectives linked to budgetary resources; assesses annual performance; and promotes utilization of assessment results for continuous improvement.
    The Strategic Planning Committee also provides special support for the College’s on-going Institutional Effectiveness program.  In this role, the committee encourages and supports various student outcomes and institutional assessment; collects and maintains the results of assessments; communicates assessment results to appropriate academic and administrative units; and recommends institutional and instructional changes based upon assessment results.  In support of these mandates, the committee periodically identifies systems and processes for study by ad hoc teams established to promote the continuous improvement of specific programs and services.  As appropriate, the committee may recommend team membership to the president, sponsor team activities, consider reports and recommendations from the teams, and support implementation of improvements.  The committee will also monitor, encourage and recognize continuous improvement processes throughout the College.
    The President's Council and/or the full Strategic Planning Committee will meet as required throughout the year.  The president will chair the committee and staff and functional support will be provided by the office of Research, Analytics, and Planning.
  2. Membership:            
    1. Academic Affairs Mid-level Manager (1): Designated by the Vice President for Academic Affairs
    2. Academic Deans
    3. Administrative Services Mid-level Manager (1): Designated by the Vice President for Administrative Services
    4. Dean of the Library
    5. Executive Assistant to the President
    6. Faculty (5): Appointed by the President
    7. Finance Mid-level Manager (1): Designated by the Chief Financial Officer
    8. President of Faculty Senate
    9. President’s Council (Policy 06:31:00)
    10. Student (1): Designated by the Vice President for Student Affairs
    11. Student Affairs Mid-level Manager (1): Designated by the Vice President for Student Affairs
    12. Support Staff (3): Appointed by the President

The committee chair shall post a meeting summary on the campus bulletin board and post minutes/actions/plans on the Campus Drive, Committees Folder.

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