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Chapter 2: Academics

02:11:03   Recording and Removal of an Incomplete

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TBR Policy Undergraduate Academic Retention & GPA Standards

NeSCC Policy 02.11.00 Grading System

NeSCC Policy 02.11.01 Final Grade Reporting

NeSCC Policy 02.11.02 Final Grade Appeal

The incomplete grade indicates a student was passing the course at the end of the term. Due to extenuating circumstances, the student was unable to complete the course requirements, such as a term paper, outside reading assignment, a project or an examination. (Students who encounter severe difficulties in attending classes or completion of assignments prior to the Last Day to Withdraw should consider a withdrawal from the class and/or term rather than an assignment of the “I” grade.) If the grade of “I” is appropriate, the instructor will complete the “I” Grade Assignment Form and both the instructor and student will sign the form. Information on the form will include the nature of the work to be completed, the date for the completion, and any special instructions as appropriate. A copy of the completed form will be forwarded to the office of Admissions and Records for the student’s file.

In every case, the “I” grade must be completed by the end of the next semester not including the summer term. Failure to complete the “I” grade agreement within the agreed time will result in a grade of “F” for the course(s). The “I” grade will not replace a previous grade in the same course. A course with an “I” grade will not count as enrolled hours in a subsequent term. Additionally, an “I” grade does not impact the grade point averages; however, once an “I” grade has been updated by an instructor, or to an “F” grade after the subsequent semester ends, the assigned mark will count in the GPA.

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