Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6: College Committees & Advisory Councils

06:04:00   Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment Committee



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 03:05:15 Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment

 06:04:01 Care Team Subcommitee

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07:02:00 Safe Campus   

TBR Policy Behavioral Intervention Teams 07:02:00:00      


The Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment (BITA) Committee provides behavioral monitoring and responses that are important parts of Northeast State Community College’s roles and responsibilities. Such services may include consultation, teaching, prevention, developmental interventions, and treatment referrals.


  1. Chief of Police
  2. Dean of Student Development
  3. Deputy Chief of Police
  4. Director of Counseling and Testing Services
  5. Director of Health Services 
  6. Director of the Center for Students with Disabilities
  7. Executive Director for Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness
  8. Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee)
  9. Vice President for Institutional Excellence and Student Success, Chair

 A Licensed Professional Counselor shall provide consulting services. Additional professional consultants may be utilized when deemed necessary.

 The committee shall meet monthly and as additional needs arise. Members shall receive immediate notification of behaviors of concern through emails from the Report Behaviors of Concern online system. Referrals to a Care Team of college and community professionals may occur.

 The BITA Committee may discuss student issues and progress during meetings and through team correspondence. Confidential student information will only be released to college administration and law enforcement in the event of an emergency or threat.

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