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Chapter 5: Personnel

05:06:04   Personnel Evaluation Process for Faculty

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NeSCC Policy 05:05:11 Faculty Promotion Process

NeSCC Policy 05:06:05 Personnel Evaluations

Faculty members are formally evaluated in two ways: (1) Student evaluation of classroom teaching effectiveness and (2) supervisor evaluations.

Student Evaluations of Faculty

Students have the opportunity to evaluate teaching effectiveness each semester of the regular academic year.  A minimum of two classes each semester for each faculty member will be evaluated by students attending these classes.  The faculty member will choose one class to be evaluated each semester, and the faculty member’s supervisor will select the second class.  If the combined number of enrolled students completing the evaluation in these two classes is less than 40, the supervisor will select a third class for evaluation.  For administrative purposes, a supervisor may choose to have all of a faculty member's classes evaluated.

The sections to be evaluated will be selected during weeks five through seven of the semester.  Student evaluations will be administered during the twelfth or thirteenth week of the semester.

The faculty evaluation instrument to be completed by the students will be distributed to the students by the academic dean or their representative during a regularly scheduled class period.  The completed forms will be collected and returned to the academic dean.  Student responses on the student opinion of teaching and classroom effectiveness evaluation forms will be computed by the IDEA Center, and the results of the tabulation will be forwarded to the academic dean.  The academic dean or their representative will prepare a typed copy of written comments as submitted by the students.  

The academic dean will review with each faculty member the evaluations made by students during the mid-year and the annual reviews.  

Supervisor’s Evaluation of Faculty

Each faculty member will be formally evaluated by their immediate supervisor during the spring semester of each academic year.  The supervisor and the faculty member will discuss the evaluation, and the faculty member will acknowledge the discussion by signing the evaluation.  The completed form will be submitted through appropriate supervisors to the vice president for Academic Affairs who will forward it through the president to the Human Resources Office for placement in the faculty member's personnel record.

If during the annual evaluation a faculty member is found deficient in any identified area on the evaluation form, the academic dean and the faculty member will cooperatively develop a one-year plan to correct the deficiency.  This plan may include, but not be limited to, the faculty member’s enrollment in educational course work, seminars, or other programs; increased supervision by the immediate supervisor or other designated individuals; peer assistance; and other professional activities.  This cooperatively developed plan will be submitted to the academic vice president for review and upon approval will be implemented.  

Progress towards meeting the objectives in the plan will be evaluated at the end of the year by the academic dean and the academic vice president.  If the evaluation indicates further improvement is needed, the corrective action plan may be continued and/or amended.  If at the end of the second year the evaluation suggests that progress towards overcoming the deficiency has not been attained, other administrative measures may be taken.



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