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Chapter 5: Personnel

05:06:05   Personnel Evaluations

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NeSCC Policy 05:06:04 Personnel Evaluation Process for Faculty

Northeast State Community College employees will be evaluated on an annual basis by the immediate supervisor. The supervisor will utilize a standard evaluation instrument (Faculty Evaluation Form, Professional Non-Faculty/Administrative Evaluation Form, and Support Staff Evaluation Form) and discuss the evaluation in a personal meeting with each employee being evaluated. The employee must acknowledge the supervisor-employee evaluation review by signing the evaluation form.


The supervisor will share the evaluation of each rated employee with a reviewer (the supervisor’s immediate supervisor). The reviewer will sign the evaluation form noting a review of the evaluation has occurred. All completed evaluation forms will be sent to Human Resources who will provide an electronic copy to the employee and place a copy in the employee’s personnel folder.

In addition, during the spring semester of each year, all faculty, staff, and administrators must develop and submit individual objectives via the College’s Online Strategic Planning System for the upcoming academic year. The fulfillment of individual objectives can further an employee’s professional development, promote continuous improvement, and support the overall success of the College. Then, at the annual personnel evaluation meeting, the supervisor should review the outcomes of the employee’s current year individual’s objectives with them and recommend continuous improvements, as appropriate.

Additional information regarding the evaluation of full-time faculty is provided in NeSCC Policy 05:06:04 Personnel Evaluation Process for Faculty.

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