Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 3: Student Affairs

03:04:01   Student International Fee

Northeast State Community College shall collect an international education fee from each student, per semester. The international education fee shall assist the college in establishing its international education program and promoting cultural understanding at Northeast State Community College. Through this process, funds collected from the international education fee shall be used to

  1. Promote diversity and cultural awareness with an emphasis on campus globalization;
  2. Facilitate student success in and completion of student learning outcomes through high impact practices; and
  3. Support professional development related to international education for campus constituencies.

Appropriation. A fee of $1.00 per credit hour up to $12.00 shall be collected from each student per semester.

Allocations. A percentage of this fund will be designated for administration oversight. Remaining revenue collected shall be allocated using the following disbursement:

  1. 60% for Campus Globalization – includes co-curricular activities, curriculum development, and professional development related to international education for campus constituencies;
  2. 15% for Global Outreach – linking community international activities with the college;
  3. 15% for Education Away – in-country student away trips;
  4. 5% for TnCIS Reserve fund – to ensure that the institution can meet reasonable contingencies that may arise during the operation of the study abroad program; and
  5. 5% for Discretionary fund – to use at the discretion and approval of the committee.

Remaining carryover funding may be used for special activities at the discretion of the International Education Committee.

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