Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6: College Committees & Advisory Councils

06:48:00   International Education Committee

Related Policies and Guidelines

SACSCOC Direct Assessment Competency-Based Educational Programs

SACSCOC Distance and Correspondence Education

SACSCOC Credit Hours

SACSCOC Quality and Integrity of Undergraduate Degrees

TBR Policy Development and Operation of Off-Campus International Educational Programs

NeSCC Policy 03:04:01 International Education Fee

NeSCC Policy 06:48:01 Study Abroad Scholarship Subcommittee


The International Education Committee shall assist the college in establishing its international education program and promoting cultural understanding at Northeast State Community College.


  1. NeSCC Tennessee Consortium of International Studies Representative, (TnCIS), Chair
  2. Assistant Director of Policy and Compliance
  3. Vice President for Institutional Excellence and Student Success, non-voting
  4. At-large members (2): appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs
  5. Vice President for Inclusive Excellence & Sponsored Programs
  6. Director of Payroll and Accounts Payable
  7. Director of Student Success @ Kingsport
  8. International Club Advisor
  9. Multi-Campus Programs Representative: appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs
  10. Student (1): appointed by the Vice President for Institutional Excellence and Student Success
  11. TnCIS Faculty Members (as warranted by upcoming summer)
  12. Vice President for Academic Affairs, Non-voting
  13. Vice President for Finance and Administration


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