Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 3: Student Affairs

03:04:00   Student Activity Fee

Northeast State Community College shall collect a student activity fee from each student, per semester. Fees help support student-centere programming and are disbursed based on current revenue, student impact, and mission of the College. Funds collected shall be used to:

  1. Facilitate student access to services;
  2. Assist student activities, student organizations/clubs, and advocacy programs by providing funding for programming student needs and
  3. Supplement the College budget so as to increase an organization’s ability to deliver high impact services to students.

Appropriation. Tennessee Board of Regents approved student activity fees shall be collected from each student, per semester. A percentage of the collected funds shall be appropriated for use through Program Allocations as determined annually by the President. Remaining funds shall be allocated,at the discretion of the President, to facilitate the delivery of high-impact services to students.

Allocations. Funds appropriated for this purpose may be allocated to areas such as:

  1. Student Activities,
  2. Student Organizations/Clubs and Advocacy,
  3. Performing and Visual Arts,
  4. Graduation,
  5. Institutional Honors, and
  6. Other areas within the scope of this policy.

Disbursements are subject to change. Reserve funds, including any carryover amounts, may be used toimplement additional student-centered programs, to fund non-recurring studnet-entered initiatives, or to provide staff support within the Program Allocations at the discretion of the Vice President for Student Affairs with the President's approval.

Student Activity Fee Committee. The Student Activity Fee Committee reviews requests and makes recommendations for the disbursement of funds to student organizations/clubs and advocacy programs for specific populations within the student body. The committee shall be comprised of the following positions:

  1. Vice President for Student Affairs, Chair( non voting)
  2. Representatives from Academic Affairs (4): Designated by the Vice President for Academic Affairs as follows: (1) Academic Dean, (2) Faculty, and (1) Distance Education
  3. Chair of Cultural Activities Committee
  4. Students (2): Designated by the Vice President for Student Affairs
  5. Representatives form Student Affairs (2) Designated by the Vice President for Student Affairs as follows:(1) Student Affairs Dean,(1) Staff
  6. Director of Student Life

The committee shall meet no less than one time per year and schedule budget hearings, as needed, for student organizations/clubs advocacy programs to request funding. Annual requests for funding shall be due to the Vice President for Student Afairs by April 30.

Conflict of Interest. Committee members shall acknowledge and disclose any and all conflicts of interest which may arise and will abstain from any vote involving a conflict and/or recuse themselves from the committee if such conflicts of interest exist.

Such conflicts of interest exist when a committee member has direct or indirect supervisory/budgetary authority for or participation in a student organization/club or advocacy program requesting funds, or other affiliation (e.g., membership in the organization requesting funds) that creates a perception of limited objectivity.  

Allocation Requirements. All requisitions for purchases, travel authorizations, and claims, petty cash requests, bookstore charges and receipts for all purchased items must be submitted to and approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs to ensure accurate accounting of student activity fees allocated to student organizations/clubs or advocacy programs. Allocations to student organizations/clubs and advocacy programs are subject to all fiscal policies and procedures of the College.

Requestors shall utilize a Request for Student Activity Fee Allocation form when submitting funding requests.

Allocation shall be based on the following criteria:

  1. No funds shall be used to finance instructional activities, charitable causes or partisan political activities. Northeast State prohibits the expenditure of allocated student activity fees on charitable causes that include, but are not limited to, monetary or item donations to an individual or individuals.
  2. Student activity fees shall not be used to finance, support or influence voting on any issue currently on a College, local government, state government or federal government election ballot. In addition, such funds shall not be used in any manner to influence public opinion or legislation.
  3. The College shall not deny students activity fee funding to a student organization/club based on the viewpionts that the students organization/club advocates.
  4. Student activity fees shall not be for individual use or to establish petty cash funds.
  5. If any program funded in whole or in part by student activity fees yields a net profit, that net profit must be returned to the student activity fee fund. Under no circumstances shall to any profit from a program funded in whole or in part by student activity fees be donated to any individual, student organization/club, or advocacy program.
  6. All materials promoting activities recieving student activity fee funds must clearly state the sources of the funds.
  7. All ticket sales for a program funded in whole or in part by student activity fees must be coordinated through the Student Life Department.
  8. Each student organization/club or advocacy program must annually complete a program evaluation and expenditure reprot and submit it to Director of Student Life by April 30.
  9. Any student organization/club or advocacy group that is funded by the Student Activity Fee Committee found to have abused or misapplied studnet activity fees may be ineligible for any further allocations of funds during the remaining portion of the current funding year.
  10. No more than fifty percent( 50%) of a specific travel request may be expended using student activity fees, unless otherwise approved by the President of the College
  11. Meals per diem associated with travel will not be reimbursed form studnet activity fees. In addition, food items intended for resale shall not be purchased with studnet activity fees.
  12. All eligible student organizations/clubs and advocacy programs receiving funds from the student activity fee are subject to the regulations and auditing procedures set forth by Northeast State policies and procedures and those of the Tennessee Board of Regents.

Please refer to TBR Guideline B-060 for additional information.

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