Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6: College Committees & Advisory Councils

06:11:00   Distance Education Subcommittee

Related Policies and Guidelines

 SACSCOC Policy, Distance and Correspondence Education

 TBR Policy Distance Education

 NeSCC Policy 03:07:02 Student Identity Verification and Privacy Protection in Distance Education


The Distance Education Subcommittee will assist in the coordination, review, and assessment of distance education programs, initiatives, and services. 


  1. Instructional Support Services Coordinator, Chair
  2. Academic Computing Manager, Non-voting
  3. Academic Deans (7):
    1. Advanced Technologies Division
    2. Behavioral and Social Sciences Division
    3. Business Technologies Division
    4. Health Professions Division
    5. Humanities Division
    6. Mathematics Division
    7. Science Division
  4. Assistant Vice President for Multi-Campus Programs
  5. Coordinator of Accessibility Services, Non-voting
  6. Counselor/Coordinator, Workforce Investment Act Assistance Program, Non-voting
  7. Dean of the Library, Non-voting
  8. Director of Computer Services and Chief Information Officer, Non-voting
  9. Director of Evening Services, Non-voting
  10. Faculty (7):
    1. Faculty (1): elected by Faculty in the Advanced Technologies Division
    2. Faculty (1): elected by Faculty in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Division
    3. Faculty (1): elected by Faculty in the Business Technologies Division
    4. Faculty (1): elected by Faculty in the Health Professions Division
    5. Faculty (1): elected by Faculty in the Humanities Division
    6. Faculty (1): elected by Faculty in the Mathematics Division
    7. Faculty (1): elected by Faculty in the Science Division
  11. Media Services Technician, Non-voting

Eight voting members, either present in person or by proxy provided to the Subcommittee Chair prior to the meeting, constitutes a quorum. In addition, Subcommittee members may review materials and vote on proposals electronically as needed.

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