Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 4: Business & Administration

04:26:00   Key Control

Key control is a critical element of the overall safety and security program at Northeast State. All building, room, and mailbox keys are strictly controlled items issued for use by authorized personnel only. The director of Plant Operations is responsible for properly issuing all building, room, and mailbox keys at the Blountville campus, Northeast State at Gray, and Northeast State at Kingsport’s Regional Center for Applied Technology and Regional Center for Automotive Programs.  Building and room keys for the other buildings at the Kingsport and Johnson City campuses are controlled and issued by the respective building coordinators. Building and room keys for the Elizabethton campus are obtained from Carter County Tomorrow and controlled by the director of Northeast State at Elizabethton. The director of Plant Operations and the building coordinators of Northeast State at Kingsport’s RCHP, RCAM, and KCHE buildings are the only individuals who can authorize duplication of keys. Employees of Northeast State are not permitted to let a student, student worker, or visitor use a building, room, or mailbox key. Building and master keys will not be issued unless approved by the president. Swapping or exchanging keys among employees is strictly prohibited. All key requests are submitted to the director of Plant Operations or the appropriate building coordinator using the Key Request form.

  1. Obtaining New Keys: Any employee who requires a building, room, or mailbox key must complete a Key Request form, which can be obtained from the “Forms” network drive. The Key Request form must have the appropriate signatures before the director of Plant Operations will issue a key. The employee’s academic dean/supervisor must approve and sign all key requests for room and mailbox keys. All building and master key requests must be submitted through the academic dean/supervisor and the approving vice president to the president for approval. After the Key Request form has been completed, the form is then submitted to the proper issuing authority. The issuing authority will notify the employee when the key is ready to be issued. The employee must report in person to the appropriate issuing authority and sign for the key.  
  2. Exchanging Keys: Employees who need to exchange one key for another due to moving from one office/classroom to another must report in person to the issuing authority with the key that needs to be exchanged. Employees are responsible to ensure their names are removed off the key control record kept by the issuing authority. A Key Request form for the room or office for which the employee needs a key must be submitted to the appropriate approval authority and forwarded to the issuing authority before a new key can be issued.   
  3. Termination of Employment: All keys must be returned to Human Resources upon termination of employment with Northeast State. The appropriate Human Resources representative must sign and date the Termination Check-Off form prior to the employee receiving his/her final paycheck. Keys to Northeast State at Elizabethton must be returned to the director of Northeast State at Elizabethton.    
  4. Keys for Adjunct Personnel: Adjunct faculty are not required to complete a Termination Check-Off form upon completion of employment. For this reason, all adjunct keys must be requested and controlled by the academic deans. The academic dean is responsible for keys issued to adjunct faculty. Adjunct faculty will be issued keys only to classrooms in which they instruct. The appropriate academic dean is responsible to ensure all adjunct faculty keys are turned in when the adjunct faculty member terminates his/her employment.   
  5. Mailbox Keys: Procedures for obtaining mailbox keys are the same as the procedures for obtaining room keys. A Key Request form must be completed and approved by the appropriate academic dean/supervisor for each key requested. Upon the employee’s termination of employment, mailbox keys are returned to the issuing authority.   
  6. Damaged or Broken Keys: All keys that become damaged or broken must be returned to the appropriate issuing authority, who will notify the key holder when the replacement key is ready to be issued.   
  7. Lost or Stolen Keys: Any key that is lost or stolen must be reported to the appropriate issuing authority and the Chief of Police immediately.




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