Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 4: Business & Administration

04:38:00   Printing Services

Related Policies and Guidelines

TBR Guideline G-140 Publications

NeSCC Policy 04:16:00 Duplication of Copyrighted Materials

All requests for printing must be accompanied by a Publication Request Form filled out in its entirety. The initiator of the printing request will have the responsibility for ensuring that sufficient and appropriate funds are available to cover the costs of printing. All printing should be completed on campus through the printing services department; any exceptions must be approved by the director of Community Relations or the Director of Marketing. Requests for printing services must be initiated by completion of the Publication Request Form with appropriate supervisory and/or administrative official approvals. The work order is then processed in the normal manner. Upon completion of the work, payment is to be made to the Business Office, and receipt presented to printing services staff for collection of printed materials. A number shall be assigned and affixed to all publications by the printing services staff indicating the institution responsible, document control number, account charged, and date of origination or last revision. The non-discrimination disclaimer is also printed on all appropriate external publications. TBR policies concerning publications may be accessed at TBR Guideline G-140. All new and revised publications must be approved and authorized by the proper authorities as indicated on the Publications Request Form. Any publication printed at facilities not operated by the state or a higher education institution or a technical institute must include the printer's name, address, and the number of copies printed.

Academic Support Printing Services 

Instructional materials (handouts, tests, etc.) are to be completed on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. A minimum of five working days for exams and other classroom materials is required for completion. Any materials that are to be given priority over orders already placed for printing must be approved by the director of Community Relations or the Director of Marketing or the Pressroom Supervisor. Classroom handouts are printed on the front and back of the sheet and tests/exams are printed on single sheets (front only) unless otherwise indicated in the "Other Information" section of the Publication Request Form. All test/exam materials are to be delivered and collected by appropriate staff through personal contact with printing services personnel. By signature on the Publication Request Form, the academic dean will ensure that copyrighted materials are being used in accordance with the guidelines in NeSCC Policy 04:16:00.

Administrative Support Printing Services 

Approximately five working days are necessary for repeat orders of business forms, letterhead, envelopes, etc. Materials that require typesetting and design, colored ink, special papers, etc. should be given approximately two weeks for completion.

Personal Printing 

Personal photocopying/printing is limited to employees of Northeast State, and its use should be professionally or educationally related to their duties, (e.g., thesis, class project, etc.) All requests for personal photocopying must be initiated through the Business Office. Upon approval, payment is made, and cash key for copying is issued by Business Office staff.

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