Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 4: Business & Administration

04:34:00   Outside Contracting

In order for Northeast State departments or employees to engage the services of outside individuals or agencies or to use a facility other than the Northeast State campus, a contract may be required. Contracts may also be required by outside vendors for certain purchases, licensing activities, equipment maintenance, and other services. The Vice President for Finance and Information Technology will advise, upon request, as to whether a specific activity requires a contract. In certain instances, outside groups may request use of Northeast State facilities that will require a contract. Should it be determined that a contract is necessary in support of an activity, the office of Purchasing will provide needed assistance in preparing these contracts and coordinating the review/approval process.

Step-by-step instructions for contract preparation are posted on the "Forms on Polaris" drive. Please reference these instructions and provide the required information.

Following are the procedures for requesting and processing of contracts:

  1. Individuals or departments that need a contract must send a written request (Request for Contract Form and approved Contract Approval Form) to the office of Purchasing prior to the proposed starting date of the agreement. If funds are to be expended, a funding source must be indicated on the Contract Approval Form. The request must include the following:
    1. Legal name of the individual or business
    2. Address and phone number of contractor
    3. Social security number, if contractor is an individual
    4. Contact person's name and title, if contractor is a business
    5. Description of service to be provided
    6. Dates of the service (term of contract) 
    7. Amount to be paid or received by the College
    8. Any special conditions or processing requests
    9. If college funds are involved, a budget source must be identified on the Contract Approval Form
    10. Contract Approval Form signed by the budget manager and the supervising vice president

      Contract requests lacking this information will be returned to the initiator for completion and resubmission.

      In certain instances, a vendor will submit an externally developed contract for college approval. Such contracts should be attached to a completed Request for Contract Form and signed Contract Approval Form and be forwarded to the office of Purchasing.
  2. Contracts not approved by the supervising vice president, Vice President for Fianance and Information Technology, or the president, will be returned to the initiator with a list of reasons for rejection and any additional information that may be required for the proposed contract to be reconsidered.
  3. Upon approval by the president, the office of the Vice president for Finance and Information Technology will forward the agreement to the contractor for signature. Contracts shall not be forwarded to the contractor by the initiator unless a written request to do so has been acknowledged by the office of Purchasing.
  4. The contractor, upon approval, is instructed to retain one copy and return the remaining original signature versions of the contract to the office of the Vice President for Finance and Information Technology for internal distribution.
  5. After services have been fully rendered, the initiator is responsible for follow-up with the contractor and (if applicable) to ensure an invoice is developed, approved, and submitted to the Business Office in a timely manner for payment processing. The initiator is also responsible for contacting the office of Purchasing if there is a need to cancel or modify the contract after it has been approved.

    Since only the president can legally obligate or sign a contract for Northeast State, no commitment shall be made nor should any contractual activities commence until approval of a contract has been granted by the president and, if required, the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) staff. In certain instances, where Board approval is deemed necessary, additional processing steps are required.

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