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Chapter 4: Business & Administration

04:15:00   Distribution of Payroll

Related Policies and Guidelines

TBR Guideline P-120 Longevity Pay

The following provides information about pay dates and other compensation related issues:

  1. Faculty: The majority of the faculty are employed on an academic year (nine-month) contract but salaries shall be paid in 12 separate payments beginning on August 31 and ending July 31. Pay dates are the last regularly scheduled working day of each month.  
  2. Administrative and Professional Non-Faculty: Pay dates are the last working day of each month.  
  3. Support Staff: Salaried support staff employees are paid once each month. Pay dates for personnel in this category are the last working day of each month. Leave reports must be submitted on the 15th of each month using self-service Banner.  
  4. Longevity Pay: All full-time employees (faculty, administrative, professional non-faculty and support staff) who complete at least 36 months of creditable service in full-time employment with one or more agencies, offices, departments, or other subdivisions of the executive, judicial, or legislative branches of Tennessee government shall be eligible for longevity pay. Eligible employees receive longevity pay at an established rate for each year of creditable service up to the maximum provided by law. The rate per year of service is established by the State Legislature. The continuation of the longevity pay program each year is subject to positive action by the Legislature. Longevity is paid in the month which is established as the longevity anniversary date. Longevity compensation is subject to Federal Withholding Tax as supplemental wages and Social Security taxes at the prevailing rate. The gross dollar value of the longevity payment is considered as covered salary for purposes of calculating retirement benefits. Additional details relative to administration of the longevity pay program are provided in TBR Guideline P-120.  
  5. Hourly Wage Support Staff: Hourly wage support staff are paid monthly.  The pay period is the 1st of the month through the 31st of the month.   Online timesheets must be submitted by employee on self-service Banner by the last working day of the month.  Payment is issued on the 15th of the month.  If the 15th falls on a weekend day or holiday, payment will be issued on the last working day before the 15th.  Employees and supervisors must ensure that the hours worked do not exceed the contract specified number of hours allowed and that the hours worked fall within the contract period.  
  6. Adjunct Faculty: Adjunct faculty are paid one quarter of their contract amount each month during the semester. Pay dates are last working day of the month based on contract. Final payment will be available after all paperwork is submitted to the adjunct faculty’s respective division.  
  7. Summer Faculty: Compensation for teaching courses completed during a concentrated session will be issued according to the academic calendar. Payment shall be made after all paperwork is submitted but not before the pay date shown on the academic calendar.  
  8. Student Workers: All student workers will be paid on the 15th of each calendar month. Checks are issued on the Friday immediately preceding the fifteenth of the month if it falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or official college holiday. Student workers can pick up their paychecks at the Business Office cashier window. Students must present picture identification in order to pick up a paycheck. Online timesheets must be submitted by student worker on self-service Banner by the last working day of the month.  
  9. Method of Pay: All personnel hired after July 1, 1998, with the exception of student workers will be required to have their net pay direct deposited in a bank of their choice.

The president or their designee shall have the authority to approve exceptions to the above policies as necessary.

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