Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 5: Personnel

05:05:02   Adjunct Faculty Letter of Intent

An Adjunct Faculty Letter of Intent notifies a prospective adjunct faculty member of the institution’s intent to offer employment pending sufficient enrollment and/or other administrative considerations. The decision on the number of courses assigned will be made within seven working days from the published first day of class. After the number of courses to be assigned is finalized, the institution will extend a formal adjunct faculty employment contract no later than ten working days after the published last day to add a class.

The academic deans are responsible for ensuring that all Letters of Intent are signed and executed prior to the first official class meeting date. Each academic dean has been given authority by the president to extend Letters of Intent to adjunct faculty. Division offices are to forward all completed Letters of Intent to the office of Multi-Campus Programs as specified on the Annual Adjunct Faculty Contract/Staffing Timeline.

Due to enrollment or other administrative considerations, a signed Letter of Intent may be changed to reflect actual classes assigned and/or compensation rendered. The appropriate academic dean or designee must initial any change to the original Letter of Intent.

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