Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 2: Academics

02:09:00   Student Examinations and Testing Services


To ensure faculty and students understand their roles and responsibilities when administering or completing a test; faculty and students understand their roles and responsibilities when scheduling Make-Up tests via the Testing Center. 

Student Exam Rules & Responsibilities

Faculty members are charged with the responsibility of giving and evaluating examinations. Caution and security must be maintained in the administration of tests. Use of proctors, or proctoring services, may vary by division. 

No final examination may be given before the regularly scheduled examination time. Exceptions must be approved upon the recommendation of the academic dean and approved by the vice president for Academic Affairs. Make-up examinations may be administered at the discretion of the instructor. Make-Up examinations, when permitted, should be administered at the earliest possible date.

Northeast State Community College Testing Services can accommodate any student who is unable to test in the classroom because of an accident, illness, or other excused absence from class. Students must receive the instructor's permission before scheduling a test date. There are open computer labs with a lockdown browser on the computers at each campus location for online class exams missed. 

The Testing Center staff is available to proctor paper-based and computer-based tests. However, the Testing Center cannot:
  1. Accommodate entire classes.
  2. Proctor tests for students who wish to raise a grade. 
  3. Proctor tests for students who just did not show up on the day of their exam. 

For more information, please contact the Coordinator of Testing Services. Call 423.354.5358 or email Testing@NortheastState.edu.


  1. Students:
    1. Make-up testing is available weekly on the Blountville campus.
      1. First, make sure your instructor has approved your absence for a Make-Up exam in their class.
      2. Then, email Testing@NortheastsState.edu to set up a date/time with testing staff.
        1. No walk-in testing is available. 
    2. Photo Identification is required to test.
    3. Students who qualify for extended time and/or other approved testing accommodations should contact Accessibility Services to schedule the test in the Accessibility Services office.
  2. Instructors who would like for a student to complete a paper-based test or computer test in the Testing Center due to an excused absence should:
    1.      Click here to complete the Make-Up Testing Form.
    2.      If needed, add attachments such as the actual test or formula in the system.
      1.      If the test is paper, the Testing Center will print off the exam once the student has a scheduled test time. Completed exams will be scanned and emailed to the instructor. 
    3.      The Testing Center staff will not be responsible for picking up or delivering exams to instructors. 
    4.      The option will still be available to drop off tests at the Testing Center in the box or in-person. Cover sheets will be available there.
    5.      Unclaimed paper exams will be destroyed at the end of each semester.  
    6.      The Testing Center will email the instructor when a student has scheduled a time to verify the excused absence if the test information has not yet been submitted.
    7.      Testing times will be limited to the course time block (no untimed tests or extended time).

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