Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 2: Academics

02:09:00   Student Examinations

Faculty members are charged with the responsibility for giving and evaluating examinations. Secretaries and other non-professional staff are not permitted to administer examinations for faculty members.

Caution and security must be maintained in the administration of tests. Security of test materials is the responsibility of the secretary when typing the tests and reproducing the materials. Security of test materials after the secretary has reproduced them and given them to the faculty member is the responsibility of the faculty member.

No final examination may be given before the regularly scheduled examination time. Exceptions must be approved upon the recommendation of the academic dean and approved by the vice president for Academic Affairs. Make-up tests may be administered at the discretion of the instructor. Make¬up examinations, when permitted, should be administered at the earliest date possible.

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Divisional Review Responsibilities Checklist: Academic Affairs

Revision History: Feb. 2007