Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 5: Personnel

05:05:14   Summer Teaching

Related Policies and Guidelines

TBR Policy Faculty Compensation During summer Session and Inter-Sessions

Full-time faculty members who accept summer teaching assignments are required to post and keep a prorated number of office and other hours for the duration of the summer semester. Full-time faculty members may teach one course during the summer contract period (Inter-session, First Term, Second Term, Full Session) pending course demand, course offerings, and student enrollments.  In addition, all faculty members working during the summer will be expected to assist in student advising and other activities as directed by the academic dean. 

FYI - TBR Policy  Compensation for a full-time faculty member teaching during the summer will be based on the academic year salary. An amount of 1/32 of the nine-month base for each credit hour instructed will be used to calculate the summer payroll.

As required by Tennessee Board of Regents policy, the maximum summer pay may not exceed 25 percent of the preceding academic year salary.

Faculty members who have terminated their employment as full-time faculty members and are employed to teach summer courses are classified as adjunct faculty in all subsequent teaching. For purposes of pay, this change in status from full-time to adjunct occurs on the effective date of the termination.

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