Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 1: System of Governance

01:03:00   Purpose & Modification

Related Policies and Guidelines

NeSCC Policy 01:07:00 Policy and Procedure Adoption

The Policies and Procedures Manual of Northeast State Community College, subsequently referred to as the Manual, contains policies and procedures to be employed in the implementation of applicable activities deemed necessary to achieve the mission of the College. The Manual serves as a general guide for administrators, students, faculty, and staff. The policies and procedures included in the Manual shall be in compliance with Federal, State of Tennessee, and Tennessee Board of Regents laws, policies, procedures, and guidelines. Where there is conflict in policies or procedures cited in the Manual with those of Federal regulations, State of Tennessee, or Tennessee Board of Regents, the following shall be the order of compliance: Federal regulations, State of Tennessee, Tennessee Board of Regents, and lastly, Northeast State Community College. The Manual may be accessed via Northeast State's website.

Modification of policies and procedures are outlined in Policy 01:07:00 Policy & Procedure Adoption. Questions or concerns regarding the Manual may be referred to the Assistant Director of Policy and Compliance.

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