Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6: College Committees & Advisory Councils

06:56:00   Clery and Title IX Compliance Committee

Related Policies and Guidelines

NeSCC Policy 03:01:00 College and University Security Information Act

NeSCC Policy 03:01:08 Sexual Misconduct

NeSCC Policy 05:04:02 Drug-Free Campus/Workplace Policy


The Clery and Title IX Compliance Committee includes an interdisciplinary team of administrators from offices and departments across the college charged with guiding the oversight of college compliance with the Clery Act and Title IX regulations. This Committee will maximize college-wide collaboration with its responsibilities in complying with federal regulations.


The Committee will meet at least three times annually or more often as needs arise.


The Clery and Title IX Compliance Committee will: 

  • Review college compliance with Title IX and Clery compliance in the areas of education programs or activities, making recommendations for change; 
  • Develop and implement procedure, educational programming, and support, required to meet Northeast State’s Clery and Title IX compliance; 
  • Review college efforts to provide primary prevention and awareness education and training opportunities for faculty, staff, and students and recommending additional training and education opportunities as necessary; 
  • Work closely with campus colleagues to ensure clear, accurate, and consistent communications around Title IX, the Clery Act, and related federal and state policies and laws; and 
  • Provide updates to the President, the Vice Presidents in relevant areas, and other senior administrators regarding the effectiveness of the College’s Title IX and Clery Act compliance efforts.

This committee will strive to foster a culture of compliance. The meetings will allow for the review of updates to laws and policies connected to the Clery Act and Title IX. In addition, it will serve as a forum to gather and share data for the Annual Fire Safety and Security Report. The creation and completion of tasks put forth by this committee will show NeSCC’s diligence and continued “good faith efforts” to maintain compliance.


  1. Deputy Chief, Police Department - Co-Chair
  2. Assistant Director of Policy and Compliance, Title IX Coordinator - Co-Chair
  3. Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services
  4. Coordinator of Accessibility Services
  5. Human Resources Director
  6. Dean of Students Services
  7. Chief, Police Department
  8. Marketing Director
  9. Community Relations Director
  10. Inclusive Excellence Coordinator
  11. Chief of Staff
  12. Vice President of Inclusive Excellence and Sponsored Programs
  13. Vice President of  Academic Affairs
  14. Vice President of Finance and Administration
  15. Faculty Senate President
  16. Staff Senate President
  17. Academic Dean/Faculty member appointed by the VP for Academic Affairs on a rotating basis. (The term of appointment will be one year.)

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