Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 5: Personnel

05:05:05   Definition of Faculty

(TBR Policy 5:02:01:00)

The term "faculty" shall be limited to regular, full-time personnel at institutions whose regular assignments include instruction, research and/or public service as a principal activity and who hold academic rank as professor, associate professor, assistant professor, or instructor. Institutions may limit, but may not expand, the scope of the definition of faculty for the purposes of this policy.

  1. The term "regular, full-time personnel" as used in the definition of "faculty" is limited to those persons whose appointments are for a complete academic or fiscal year.
  2. The term "principal activity" as used in the above definition shall mean that the person's regular assignment in the areas of instruction, research, and/or public service must be at least fifty percent (50%) of the total assigned duties.
  3. The terms "instruction," "research," and "public service" shall be limited to those academic activities properly assignable to the institution's current fund expenditures accounts designated as "Instruction," "Research," "Public Service," and "Academic Support." The terms exclude those activities properly assigned to accounts for "Student Services" (with the exception of remedial instruction which, at the discretion of the institution, may be treated as regular instruction), "Institutional Support," "Operation and Maintenance of Plant," etc.
  4. The term "faculty“ shall not, for the purposes of this statement include members of an institution's personnel defined as “adjunct faculty,“ part-time teachers, post-doctoral fellows, visiting lecturers, and graduate assistants. “Adjunct faculty“ is defined as professional staff members of businesses, industries, and other agencies and organizations who are appointed by colleges and universities in the System on a part-time basis to carry out instructional, research, or public service functions.

If not otherwise included within the above definition of “faculty,“ the term “faculty“ may include, provided they hold academic rank, academic department or directors, academic deans, academic vice presidents, and presidents, who have direct line authority over faculty as hereinabove described and associates or assistants for the above positions. In addition, the term “faculty“ may include persons previously designated as members of the faculty who are assigned to other positions at the institutions.

Academic rank is an element of faculty status and shall be limited to “faculty“ within the above definition. Academic rank may only be assigned to faculty who meet the minimum rank criteria under the Board's “Guidelines for Faculty Promotion Recommendations at Tennessee Board of Regents Community Colleges“ (Policy No.5:02:02:30), and that policy shall control any promotion in rank. Exceptions to this policy can be made upon recommendation by a president of an institution and approval by the chancellor.

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