Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 5: Personnel

05:02:05   Reclassifications and Compensation Adjustments

Related Policies and Guidelines

TBR Guideline P-043 Compensation

Policy Statement

  1. Northeast State Community College desires to have a compensation system that is fair, equitable and accountable to the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) and the public-at-large. The goal of Northeast State is to provide all employees compensation consistent with market and satisfactory job performance. This goal is reflected within all Northeast State budgets and will be dependent upon budget availability.

  2. Whenever there is a new job or a reorganization that significantly affects a job's essential functions or a change in the scope of an existing position that causes its level of responsibility to change, Human Resources will evaluate and verify the salary grade assignment.

Reclassification Process

  1. The process of evaluating a job begins by preparing an evaluation request, completed by the immediate supervisor, endorsed by the next level of management, and sent to Human Resources. The evaluation request should be accompanied by a new job analysis questionnaire (JAQ) and job description.
  1. Human Resources, working with the supervisor and supervising Vice President, will use the appropriate Mercer Job Evaluation Plan for support staff or administrative/professional staff to re-score the position.
  1. Positions, not persons, are reclassified. The following are not reasons for reclassification:
    1. An employee's performance;
    2. Length of service;
    3. Special training or experience not required for the job;
    4. Volume, quality, or quantity of the work.
  1. Factors used to establish levels of responsibility include judgement; consequence of errors; complexity and creativity of duties; knowledge, skills, and experience requirements; impact on institutional mission; degree of supervision received and given; professional contacts; hazards and physical demands; and working conditions. Positions are also compared to similar jobs within the functional area, division, and elsewhere at the College.
  1. In evaluating positions, Human Resources will focus on primary job functions performed a majority of the time, not back-up or incidental duties.
  1. As a result of an evaluation, it is possible that the position will remain in its current classification, be reclassified into the requested classification or another more appropriate classification.
  1. If it is determined that the position should be reclassified into a higher salary grade, Human Resources will calculate the appropriate salary for the incumbent based on their education and experience above what is required on the job description.
  1. The supervisor will enter the additional compensation needed into the online budget request system and will provide justification for the request.
  1. Human Resources will record all reclassifications proposed for the new fiscal year and will review them with the President and Vice President for Finance & Information Technology prior to submission of the personnel budget to TBR. Approvals will depend on institutional priorities and budget availability.

  2. Unless otherwise noted by the President, reclassifications and compensation adjustments that are approved during the normal budget cycle will become effective on July 1.

Off-Cycle Reclassifications and Compensation Adjustments

  1. In the event of reorganizations that affect the essential functions of one or more positions after the fiscal year budget has been approved, supervisors and supervising vice presidents may request an off-cycle evaluation of the positions affected.
  1. For off-cycle reclassifications, the process outlined in this policy will be followed up to the step where supervisors enter additional compensation needed into the online budget request system.
  1. The immediate supervisor must prepare and route a memorandum for approvals. The memorandum must include justification for the reorganization, reclassification(s), and compensation adjustment(s) and must be approved by the chain of command up to the president.
  1. Unless an exception is approved by the President, off-cycle reclassifications and compensation adjustments must be budget neutral.
  1. Human Resources will determine the effective date of any off-cycle reclassification and/or compensation change. No reclassification or compensation adjustment may be effective prior to the beginning of the current fiscal year.

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