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Chapter 4: Business & Administration

04:71:00   Bulletin Boards

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TBR Policy Access to and Use of Campus Property and Facilities


Northeast State Community College is a multi-campus institution and has designated the Vice President for Finance and Administration, as well as deans and other campus site directors and coordinators, as authorized officials to approve bulletin board use on all campuses.


Northeast State procedures for campus bulletin board use at all locations follow:

  • All notices, posters, advertisements, announcements and other bulletin board information must be approved by the campus site directors or coordinators at all campuses with the exception of those materials assigned publication numbers. Institutionally approved publications are subject to this policy. Approval may be obtained during normal working hours. Approved items will be identified by a time and date stamp from the approving authority. Unapproved items will be removed from bulletin boards and undesignated areas. Wall strips located outside of offices may be used for small fliers but large items should be displayed on identified bulletin boards. Posters, advertisements, announcements, and other bulletin board information should not be taped or affixed on walls, windows, or doors.
  • Students, faculty, and staff should personally remove all notices of events if posted material becomes obsolete. Notices of obsolete events as well as unauthorized material posted on bulletin boards will be subject to removal. 
  • In general, no solicitations of any form may be posted on campus bulletin boards. Any exceptions such as discount offers for area restaurants, must have prior approval from the Vice President for Fianance and Administration, or one of the other authorized officials noted above. Those items should be placed in an area of the bulletin board for general access. Any outside employers seeking to post jobs should receive prior approval by the college’s Career Services.
  • The College generally maintains two types of bulletin boards. The first type consists of enclosed, lockable bulletin boards owned by individual clubs and departments. Those clubs and departments are responsible for maintaining their bulletin boards. The second type includes open, framed bulletin boards located at various locations on each campus. In addition, other institutions which have a presence on any Northeast State campus may have their own bulletin board located near their office location. Those institutions are responsible for maintaining their own bulletin boards, subject to Northeast State policy and TBR policy 01:03:02:50. Other materials, such as “stand-up” cards, may be placed on tables and counters, as long as they do not clutter or restrict the use of those tables and counters. 
  • Use of a campus bulletin board may be denied if the material is obscene or otherwise violates any federal or state law or regulation of the Tennessee Board of Regents or the College. Decisions made by the Vice President for Finance and Administration, or the other designated college officials authorized to approve use of campus bulletin boards, may be appealed in writing to the president of the College. The president’s office will provide a decision within 10 business days.
  • Strips outside lecture rooms, classrooms, and labs are primarily designated for course information.
  • Requests for additional bulletin boards must be approved by the Vice President for Finance and Administration.
  •  The Vice President for Institutional Excellence and Student Success may issue disciplinary sanctions against students who violate this policy.
  •  The walls will be policed daily by designated personnel.  

TBR - Access to and Use of Campus Property and Facilities: 


     Bulletin Boards/Posting

  • Institutional policies may permit the establishment of bulletin boards or approved areas for posting for specific uses and/or entities,
  • Institutional policies may identify individual boards/areas and  specify or limit the authorized uses and/or entities for such boards/areas as well as the types of materials which may be posted on a board or area, the maximum size and duration of any notice, and any other special conditions on use,
  • Such limits shall be conspicuously posted on each board or posting area, and shall control the use of the board when posted,
  • Institutional policies may require prior approval for the use of any or all bulletin boards or posting areas on campus, and if required, the name of the official authorized to approve use of the board shall be posted on the board. Use of a board may be denied on the basis of one or more of the following:
    • The person or group is not authorized to use the board in question;
    • The material is not the type authorized for the board in question, or fails to meet any special conditions as posted on the board;
    • The material is obscene or otherwise violates any federal or state law or regulation of the institution; or
    • There is insufficient space available for the material on the board in question due to the previous posting of other materials,
  • Institutional policy shall provide that areas not specifically identified and/or authorized for posting are not available for such purpose for any individual or entity, whether affiliated or unaffiliated,
  • Exceptions to this policy can be made upon approval of the Chancellor of the TBR.


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