Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 1: System of Government

01:07:00   Policy & Procedure Adoption

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to establish the criteria and process for approving and implementing policies and procedures at Northeast State Community College.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Equity & Compliance Officer - is responsible for the development and maintenance of College’s Policies and Procedures Manual.

College President – is responsible for College adherence of the Policies and Procedures Manual.

President’s Cabinet – annually reviews the Policies and Procedures Manual with department directors and provides updates to the Equity & Compliance Officer, as needed, and no later than the last day of each fiscal year or June 30th of each year. In addition, vice presidents and the Chief Financial Officer are responsible for monitoring actions by the Tennessee Board of Regents that could impact their individual divisions and alert the Equity & Compliance Officer when local policies and procedures updates are needed. The cabinet approves updates to the Policies and Procedures Manual.

Policy: The following steps shall be taken when creating a new policy or procedure or updating a policy or procedure: 

  • Faculty or staff shall contact department director regarding a policy or procedure recommendation.
  • Department directors will coordinate information with their designated vice president or senior level administrator, who will contact the Equity & Compliance Officer.
  • Senior level administrators who are responsible for the identified policy will provide written updates or recommendations to the Equity & Compliance Officer.
  • The Equity & Compliance Officer will review and prepare the policy or procedure for review or consideration by the President's Cabinet.
  • A policy or procedure update or recommendation shall be approved by a unanimous vote of President's Cabinet members present.
  • Within five business days following an President's Cabinet meeting, the College President will provide a memo to the Equity & Compliance Officer listing all policies and/or procedures approved by the President's Cabinet.
  • The Equity & Compliance Officer will work with the Human Resources Department to distribute updates to senior level administrators on a monthly basis highlighting new or updated policies and procedures. 

Policy and procedure updates that require minor adjustments will not be required to be reviewed and approved by the President's Cabinet. Minor adjustments include: changes in positions or titles, general nomenclature, grammatical errors, updates based upon TBR policy or guideline updates or changes in state law. In these circumstances, the Equity & Compliance Officer will work with the designated senior administrator to apply changes.

The Policies and Procedures Manual shall be maintained on the College website and in a designated file. A hard copy manual shall be maintained in the College facilities department, Library, Human Resources Department and the Equity & Compliance Office. These areas shall receive hard copy updates from the Equity & Compliance Office on an as-needed basis.

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