Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 4: Business & Administration

04:10:01   Externally Funded Grants and Contracts

Northeast State may apply for externally funded grants or contracts which support the College’s mission by following the process outlined in the College’s Grant Development Manual. All grants are subject to TBR Policy G-030 Contracts and Agreements, III. D. Grant Agreements.

Grants/contracts sought by the College should enrich and supplement rather than supplant the educational and service programs offered by the College. Grants/contracts entered into by the College must be made for specific periods of time. In all instances where the College enters into such arrangements with external agencies, the College must retain control of research, instruction, and other college functions.

Staff assigned to manage an externally funded grant/contract may be assigned the responsibility as an additional duty or may have a realignment of duties. Depending on the size of the grant/contract and the scope of work, a stipend may be awarded for managing the grant/contract. The realignment of duties and/or the amount of a stipend will be recommended by the appropriate vice president to the president with the president having final approval of the realignment or stipend. Faculty members who teach during the academic year may be assigned to manage an externally funded grant/contract as a part of their regular duties. If the faculty member has a full-time teaching load, release time from teaching duties sufficient to effectively manage the grant/contract may be provided. Faculty assuming responsibility for grant/contract management may also be paid a stipend. If the grant/contract extends through the fiscal year, the faculty member will be paid according to existing policy regarding pay for summer teaching. The amount of the release time and/or stipend will be recommended by the vice president for Academic Affairs and approved by the president.

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