Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 3: Student Affairs

03:01:10   Hazardous Chemical Right-To-Know

The Northeast State Community College Hazardous Chemical Right-To-Know Program is modeled after the Tennessee Hazardous Chemical Right-To-Know Act passed by the Tennessee General Assembly on May 23, 1985. The Tennessee Right-To-Know Law was enacted because of the expressed concern relative to the proliferation and variety of chemicals present in our society and their effect on the safety, health, and welfare of persons living and working in Tennessee.

The intent and purpose of Northeast State’s Right-To-Know Program is to provide necessary information that will enable the college employees and students to become knowledgeable of the chemicals they work with and to which they may be exposed.

To obtain more information please go to Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability website. Additionally, you can contact the Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability Office at (423) 354.5224. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) may be obtained through your instructor or by contacting the Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability Office.

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