Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 3: Student Affairs

03:01:08:01   Rights of the Accused and of the Complainant

Northeast State provides the following rights to individuals accused of sexual assault:

  1. The College disciplinary procedures include the right for the accused and the complainant to be present at any hearing.
  2. The right to have a support person present during the hearing. This person is not entitled to represent the complainant or to assist in the testimony.
  3. The right not to have evidence of his/her past sexual history with third parties admitted as evidence.
  4. The right to have a hearing closed to spectators unless both the accused and the complainant consent in writing to have the hearing open to the public.
  5. The right to know the outcome of the hearing as defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
  6. The discipline for acts of sexual assault may include suspension or dismissal from the College.
  7. If requested by victims of alleged sexual offenses, the College will adjust class schedules or other reasonable actions that will reduce fear or concern.

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