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Chapter 4: Business & Administration

04:18:01   Electronic Signature Method

Related Policies and Guidelines

 TBR Guideline B-095 Use of Electronic Signatures and Records

 NeSCC Policy 04:18:00 Electronic Signature 


 This procedure outlines the method used by Northeast State faculty and staff for utilizing an electronic signature, as identified in Northeast State Policy 04:18:00 and Tennessee Board of Regents TBR Guideline B-095.

Identified Method

Windows Authentication shall be utilized as a primary method for providing electronic signatures at Northeast State. The method may replace handwritten, internal signatures. In addition, the method may be utilized for external signatures when all parties agree that an electronic signature may serve as a legal substitute.


The Windows Authentication method shall be used as part of a SharePoint system by which a user name and password provide system access. Authorized users shall be predetermined by the Office of Information Technology and provided access to use the SharePoint site.

Other Electronic Signature Authentication methods that maybe deployed at Northeast State Community College include:

  • SSL
  • Microsoft NTLM
  • Certificate services

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

SSL authentication is based on digital certificates that allow Web servers and clients to verify each other’s identities before they establish a connection.

Microsoft NTLM (NT LAN Manager)

NTLM authentication is used to authenticate clients to an NT domain. NTLM uses the credentials that are provided when the user logs on.

Certificate services

Digital Certificates associate a public key to a user or other entity (a computer or service) that has the corresponding private key.

These methods may be used concurrently for SharePoint utilization.



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