Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 4: Business & Administration

04:14:00   Delegation of Authority/Signature Authorization

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TBR Policy Delegation of Authority/Signature Authorization

The President of Northeast State Community College maintains the authority to enter into a transaction that could create a financial liability for the institution.  If the President deems it appropriate, and as noted in TBR Policy, delegation of authority and signature authorization can be made to qualified personnel by adhering to the following guidance from TBR:

1.  Delegations/ authorizations must be in writing, with level of authority, any restrictions on authority and period of authority, if any, clearly noted. 

i.     Northeast State President designates in memorandum who is in charge (VP’s) in their absence (on file) and for specific periods of time and conditions if the President does not have access to approve items. 

2.  Delegations should run from the official holding authority to act directly to the person exercising that authority.  The principle is that the person holding authority should have direct knowledge of who within the institution is exercising that authority on their behalf.

3.  Personnel with delegated authority should be qualified to do so by training and experience.  Person making delegation is responsible for ensuring person to whom authority is delegated is qualified and understands the application of the authority delegated.

4.  The ramifications of exceeding or misapplying one’s delegated authority should be clearly understood and uniformly enforced.

5.  Delegations requiring the Chancellor’s approval must be properly secured/ obtained.

6.  Authority assigned to the Chancellor, Presidents, or Vice Chancellors by policy, guideline or statute cannot be delegated unless specifically allowed in the policy, guideline, or statute.   

Personnel with delegated authority should sign the name of the person of authority followed by their name.  












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