Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6: College Committees & Advisory Councils

06:25:00   Institutional Review Board
  1. Purpose: The Institutional Review Board’s primary purpose is to hear appeals from decisions that deny or revoke a Tennessee Lottery Scholarship recipient’s eligibility to decide the continuation or revocation of a lottery scholarship award. Appeal decisions determined by the Board shall be based on non-academic reasons. The Board shall not rule on the student’s appeal based on reasons for a HOPE grade point average below the minimum for continuation.

    No official who renders a decision to deny or revoke a lottery scholarship award shall participate in the appeal process for the same applicant or recipient. The Board may reinstate the student’s award without a hearing and shall make such determination within 14 calendar days. If the Board determines a hearing is required, the Board shall hear the appeal no later than 14 days after the student properly files an appeal. A decision shall be rendered no later than seven days after the appeal is heard, except where exigent circumstances exist. A recipient’s appeal can only be considered for medical or personal reasons and must be properly documented.
  2. Membership: The Board shall be comprised of five members, which shall be appointed by the president:
    1. Dean of the Library
    2. Director of Financial Aid
    3. Director of Scholarship Programs
    4. Faculty
    5. Faculty, Chair
    6. Student

The committee chair shall post a meeting summary on the campus bulletin board and post minutes/actions/plans on the Campus Drive, Committees Folder.

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