Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6: College Committees & Advisory Councils

06:46:00   Tenure Review


The Tenure Review Committee reviews, updates, and proposes changes in the institutional evaluation forms, records, etc. to facilitate the tenure review process. The Committee will inform faculty eligible for tenure of the tenure review process, materials required, and deadlines for submission of the materials. The primary responsibility of the Committee is to evaluate the materials included in each candidate’s tenure folder and make recommendations regarding tenure to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


Members of the Committee shall not be candidates for tenure. Department heads/academic deans are not eligible to serve. Only tenured faculty may serve on this committee, and term of service is for two years. The chair shall be elected by the Committee. This committee also serves as the Promotion Review Committee.

  1. Faculty member on the Committee elected by Committee members, Chair
  2. Faculty (7):
    1. Faculty (1): elected at large by a majority vote of the Faculty
    2. Faculty (1): elected by Faculty in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Division
    3. Faculty (1): elected by Faculty in the Health Professions Division
    4. Faculty (1): elected by Faculty in the Humanities Division
    5. Faculty (1): elected by Faculty in the Mathematics Division
    6. Faculty (1): elected by Faculty in the Science Division
    7. Faculty (1): elected by Faculty in the Technologies Division


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