Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6: College Committees & Advisory Councils

06:44:00   Technology Access Fee


The Technology Access Fee (TAF) Committee will advise the Chief Information Officer regarding TAF funding of technological requests. Funding for these requests must be in accordance with the Guidelines set forth by the Tennessee Board of Regents and the Comprehensive Technology Plan developed by the Technology Planning and Oversight Committee. The Chief Information Officer will coordinate the development of the annual plan and review it with the Technology Planning and Oversight and Budget Committees. The committee will make recommendations for approval by the President’s Cabinet, and then final approval by the President.   


  1. Chief Information Officer, Chair
  2. Academic Deans
  3. Assistant Director of Client Services
  4. Assistant Director of Infrastructure and Network Services
  5. Assistant Vice President for Multi-Campus Programs
  6. Special Assistant to the President for Safety, Security and Plant Operations
  7. Student Affairs Deans
  8. Students (2): appointed by the Vice President for Institutional Excellence and Student Success
  9. Vice President for Academic Affairs
  10. Vice President for Administration and Grant Development
  11. Vice President for Economic and Workforce Development
  12. Vice President for Finance and Information Technology 
  13. Vice President for Institutional Excellence and Student Success


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Divisional Review Responsibilities Checklist: Information Technology

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