Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6: College Committees & Advisory Councils

06:00:00   Introduction/General Policies for College Committees

Establishment of Committees 

Committees may be established subject to the review of the President's Council and approval of the president. Subcommittees of existing principal committees or ad hoc committees which are tasked to address specified issues might be appointed. Reports or recommendations of subcommittees should be presented to the major committee while reports of ad hoc committees should be presented to the appointing authority. The membership of subcommittees or ad hoc committees is not restricted to those who are members of the major committees.


Membership on committees is for one calendar year unless otherwise specified. Terms begin the first day of the fall semester. Appointed/elected members of a given committee must be full-time employees of the College. For the purpose of definition, faculty” members appointed or elected to a committee shall be full-time faculty members who do not have administrative responsibility (such as academic deans and department heads). Members termed Non-Voting” are members by virtue of their office. When such a member ceases to hold the office their membership to the Committee terminates.

Election by Academic Division of Faculty Members To Serve on Committees 

When faculty representation is to be determined by an academic division, each academic dean should ensure that the faculty representative has been elected by ballot or consensus of all full-time faculty members in that division.


Each committee chair is responsible for the work of their committee including the recording of minutes. Additionally, committee minutes are to be made available to all staff and faculty unless personal matters are involved and general distribution is not recommended by the Committee.


Recommendations made by committees must be forwarded to the appropriate administrator or other designated individual who has the authority to approve the recommendation/s.


Exceptions to these policies may be made by the president.


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