Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 4: Business & Administration

04:09:00   Computer User Accounts

Related Policies and Guidelines

NeSCC Policy 04:08:00 Computer Resources

Establishment of Accounts

All Northeast State employees and students are entitled to an account on the computer systems. Employee accounts will be established upon the request of a vice president, dean, or director. All requests for the establishment of employee accounts shall be submitted on a Computer Account Request form. This form is available from Computer Services as well as through the Forms share on the Northeast State network. The request form contains an agreement relative to copyright laws and the handling of proprietary hardware and software information and materials to which they will gain access through the assigned user account. The original request form is kept on file in the office of Information Technology. Student accounts are established on the network server at the beginning of each semester.

Management of Accounts

Employee accounts are generally valid for a fiscal year, and all accounts are set to expire on June 30 of the current year. The office of Information Technology will initiate renewal of accounts for full-time faculty and staff approximately two (2) months before the expiration date. Employees are required to sign renewal forms, which have been made available to deans and department heads, and return them to the office of Computer Services. Adjunct faculty will be notified of the account expiration date, but they must initiate the account renewal by completing another account request form. Student accounts are active for the semester in which the student is enrolled and are automatically renewed for subsequent semesters. Refer to NeSCC Policy 04:08:00, section 3.i, for information regarding access restriction in the case of a serious violation.

Termination of Accounts

When an employee terminates their employment with the College the account is removed from the system, but the contents of the account are kept on disk for one year. At that time, the contents of the account are deleted from the system unless special arrangements are made to keep the information longer. Student accounts are deactivated at the end of each semester. Those accounts which are not reactivated based on enrollment information at the beginning of the next semester are terminated.

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