Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 5: Personnel

05:01:01   Claims Coverage for Participants in Volunteer Programs

This policy establishes institutional guidelines to be followed for individuals who may serve Northeast
State Community College (NeSCC) in a volunteer, internship, or advisory capacity, referred to as
“volunteer(s)”. Northeast State does not consider volunteers to be employees; however, legislation
passed in May 1986 extended state claims coverage to individuals who are participants in volunteer
programs operated by state entities.


I. Advisory Group Program: Individuals approved by the President to serve the College in an
advisory status. This group also includes local citizens and locally elected officials who may
serve in an official capacity at the College.

II. Volunteer Work Program: Individuals approved by the president or their designee to perform
certain work tasks (clerical, maintenance, athletic, or custodial) for the College on a volunteer

III. Internship Program: Individuals from a local college or university approved by the president or
their designee to receive practical training as a part of an undergraduate or graduate academic


I. Claims

A. Individuals serving in volunteer status in any of the programs defined above at NeSCC
are immune from suit in the same manner as state employees for actions taken in the
course of performing volunteer services. In order for potential claims against
volunteers to be paid by the Claims Award Fund, state entities, including TBR
institutions, are required to report information on volunteer programs to the Division
of Claims Administration. Failure to report this information may result in any potential
claims being funded from the institution's budget.

II. Procedures for Volunteers
A. Supervisors will initiate a Volunteer Statement of Understanding/Agreement for each
individual volunteer per volunteer session. The form is in the Office of Human
Resources and is requested electronically. Signature approvals are required from:

1. Deans or department heads
2. The Office of the President or their designee

B. Volunteers can begin working or training only after full execution of the Volunteer
Statement of Understanding/Agreement Form.

C. Human Resources will mail the forms and corresponding names of Volunteers to the
State Division of Claims Administration for processing.

D. Human Resources will keep fully executed and processed forms for five (5) years.

III. Reports

A. Human Resources is responsible for preparation and submission of required reports to
the Division of Claims Administration in connection with the College's volunteer
programs. Reports will remain in the Office of Human Resources until the appointed
date regulated by T.C.A. § 28-3-109.

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