Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 5: Personnel

05:06:07   Employee Termination Checkout Procedures

All employees terminating employment with Northeast State Community College must complete an institutional checkout. Upon notice of an employee’s departure from the College, Human Resources will notify the appropriate departments on campus and begin routing the employee checkout form for signatures. It is the employee’s responsibility to return institutional property to the appropriate offices on or before their last work date (e.g., keys, computer equipment, parking hangtag, library books, etc.). The staff in the office of Human Resources will provide a copy of the completed checkout form to Payroll and IT. The supervisor of the departing employee is responsible for notifying IT of the appropriate date/time to cut off computer access.

The terminating employee will also be given the option of an exit interview. If requested, a confidential exit interview will be conducted by the director of Human Resources, or designee, and appropriately documented for record.

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Divisional Review Responsibilities Checklist: Human Resources

Revision History: Revised Sept. 2020