Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 5: Personnel

05:06:07   Resignation and Checkout Procedures
All employees terminating employment with Northeast State Community College must complete an institutional checkout procedure. The procedure begins by making an appointment with the office of Human Resources to receive a checkout procedures form. The employee should visit each office to receive clearance from each of the items listed on the form.

When the completed checkout form is returned to the office of Human Resources, the terminating employee will then be given the option of an exit interview. If requested, a confidential exit interview will be conducted by the director of Human Resources and appropriately documented for record. The staff in the office of Human Resources will forward the completed checkout form to the payroll section of the Business Office. Issuance of the terminating employee's final paycheck will not be accomplished until the Business Office receives documentation that the checkout clearances have been completed.

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Divisional Review Responsibilities Checklist: Human Resources