Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 5: Personnel

05:08:07   Leave: Campus Leave Procedures

Related Policies and Guidelines

TBR Guideline P-020 Procedures for Implementation of the 37.5 Hour Work Week

The procedures for administering the various employee leave programs at Northeast State Community College are set forth in the above policies.  To supplement these policies, the following additional procedures are established:

  1. Revising or Canceling Approved Leave Requests:  To revise a Leave Request after it has been approved, submit a revised form with the notation REVISED.  To cancel a leave request, submit an E-mail to the leave administrator* with a copy to the immediate supervisor. 
  2. Approving Authorities:  Leave requested under military leave or leave of absence must be approved by the president.  Parental leave must be processed by the director of Human Resources in order to adhere to the Family and Medical Leave Act.  All other leave may be approved by the immediate supervisor. 
  3. Leave Requests for Period Less Than One Hour: Leave requests for periods of less than one hour should be submitted using the time schedule as defined in TBR Guideline P-020.
    1. .1 hour = 1-6 minutes
    2. .2 hours = 7-12 minutes
    3. .3 hours = 13-18 minutes
    4. .4 hours = 19–24 minutes
    5. .5 hours = 25-30 minutes
    6. .6 hours = 31-36 minutes
    7. .7 hours = 37-42 minutes
    8. .8 hours = 43-48 minutes
    9. .9 hours = 49-54 minutes
    10. 1.0 hours = 55-60 minutes 
  4. Supervisor-approved Leave Requests should be submitted to Payroll as soon as the request is approved. 
  5. Questions regarding leave administration should be directed to the leave administrator, the Executive Director of Human Resources, or the Chief Financial Officer. 

* The leave administrator is the Payroll Coordinator.

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