Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 5: Personnel

05:08:07   Leave: Campus Leave Procedures

Related Policies and Guidelines

TBR Guideline P-020 Procedures for Implementation of the 37.5 Hour Work Week

NeSCC Policy 05:08:05 Leave: Annual Leave

NeSCC Policy 05:08:06 Leave: Bereavement Leave

NeSCC Policy 05:08:08 Leave: Civil Leave

NeSCC Policy 05:08:09 Leave: Disaster Leave

NeSCC Policy 05:08:10 Leave: Faculty Sick Leave Bank

NeSCC Policy 05:08:12 Leave: Family, Medical and Service Member Leave

NeSCC Policy 05:08:13 Leave: Leave of Absence

NeSCC Policy 05:08:16 Leave: Military Leave

NeSCC Policy 05:08:17 Leave: Non-Faculty Sick Leave Bank

NeSCC Policy 05:08:18: Leave: Parental Leave

NeSCC Policy 05:08:19 Leave: Sick Leave

NeSCC Policy 05:08:20 Leave: Volunteer Firefighter Service Leave

NeSCC Policy 05:08:21 Leave: Voting Leave

The procedures for administering the various employee leave programs at Northeast State Community College are outlined in the above policies.  The following additional procedures are established to supplement these policies:

  1. Definitions:
    1. Leave Reports: The form you are required to submit for Payroll to process your leave and pay. This is done by using the Web-Time Entry System through My.Northeast.
    2. Leave Requests: The form you are required to complete and submit prior to taking leave to get your supervisor’s pre-approval. This is done by using the SharePoint Leave and Attendance Application through Northeast State Forms. This is used by the departments to reconcile with the Leave Reports. Payroll is not involved with the Leave Request System. It is used only by the department.
  2. Submitting Leave Requests: The supervisor must approve the leave request prior to the employee taking leave. If the employee is unable to complete a leave request form prior to taking the leave (i.e., sick or incapacitated), the employee should complete the leave request as soon as practicable upon their return to work.
  3. Revising or Canceling Approved Leave Requests:  To revise or cancel a Leave Request after it has been approved, the employee should submit an email to their immediate supervisor.
  4. Approving Authorities:  Leave requested under the leave of absence policy must be approved by the immediately supervisor, supervising vice president and president.  The director of Human Resources must process requests for parental leave in order to adhere to the Family and Medical Leave Act.  All other leave may be approved by the immediate supervisor. 
  5. Leave Requests for Periods Less Than One Hour: Leave requests for periods of less than one hour should be submitted using the time schedule as defined in TBR Guideline P-020.
    1. .1 hour = 1-6 minutes
    2. .2 hours = 7-12 minutes
    3. .3 hours = 13-18 minutes
    4. .4 hours = 19–24 minutes
    5. .5 hours = 25-30 minutes
    6. .6 hours = 31-36 minutes
    7. .7 hours = 37-42 minutes
    8. .8 hours = 43-48 minutes
    9. .9 hours = 49-54 minutes
    10. 1.0 hours = 55-60 minutes 
  6. All leave approved on the Leave Request Form should be entered on the appropriate Leave Report or Time Sheet before the end of the reporting period.
  7. Questions regarding leave administration should be directed to the Payroll Coordinator, the Director of Payroll and Accounts Payable, or the Director of Human Resources. 

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