Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 5: Personnel

05:01:02   Educational Expenses for Employees

Referencing Sources

TBR Policy Classification of Benefits for Fees & Tuition

TBR Guideline P-130 Educational Assistance for TBR System Employees


The purpose of this policy is to support employees of Northeast State Community College (NeSCC)
in their continued professional growth and development. 


  1. Educational Assistance

    1. Forms may be obtained from the Office of Human Resources

    2. It is the employee's responsibility to submit the approved form to the Tennessee public
      institution they are attending.

    3. Types of Assistance

         A. Fee Waiver for TBR/UT System Employees Program (formerly PC-191)
         B. Employee Audit/Non-Credit Program
         C. Tuition Reimbursement Program

    4. Support for educational assistance is subject to funds being budgeted. The Director
      of Human Resources will inform the cabinet annually on the use of these benefits. 

  2. Eligibility and Provisions

    1. Northeast State Community College will follow the process and procedures outlined in
      TBR Guideline P-130 (Educational Assistance for TBR System Employees).

  3. When the Participant May Attend

    1. Supervisors/Department Heads who approve Fee Waiver applications should keep in
      mind that job performance is paramount and must receive priority.

    2. Courses should be scheduled at times other than during regularly scheduled work hours
      unless the use of annual leave or an alternate work arrangement is documented and
      approved by the supervisor prior to enrolling in the course.

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