Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 5: Personnel

05:07:03   Employment of Part-time Faculty


Employment of Adjunct Faculty: All adjunct faculty in the academic teaching areas are required to have the same academic qualifications as contract faculty. In the area of learning support (developmental studies), persons with a bachelor's degree may be used. In technical education programs, an associate degree or unique experiential qualifications in conjunction with demonstrated competence may substitute for academic preparation. Such exceptions must be fully documented and justified by the institution on an individual basis.

The office of Multi-Campus Programs accepts applications from qualified individuals. The academic deans review the credentials and interview the applicants, and the assistant vice president for Multi-Campus Programs, the vice president for Academic Affairs, and the president approve those recommended for adjunct status. The approved adjunct faculty members are then considered to be on a standby status. All adjunct instructors are employed on a semester basis.

The President and Vice President of Academic Affairs are authorized to sign adjunct faculty contracts.

Adjunct Faculty Teaching Non-Credit Courses: Selection of non-credit instructors is based primarily on their ability in the subject area. Instructors are required to have a personal interview with the immediate supervisor prior to employment. An interview or course listing does not guarantee employment, since courses are taught only if enrollment is sufficient.


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