Northeast State Community College Procedures for Online Appeal of Student Traffic Citations

Students may appeal traffic citations online by submitting the form below. Please submit separate forms for each ticket you are appealing. Paid citations are not subject to appeal. Online appeals are reviewed by the Chief Justice of the Student Traffic Court and a minimum of two additional Student Traffic Court Justices during electronic sessions of the Student Traffic Court. The issuing Northeast State police officer or a designee will be asked to appear before and/or respond to the court to explain the citation. Please allow two weeks for processing the appeal. A verdict will be e-mailed to you by the Chief Justice using the email provided below. Upon receipt of the verdict, you must reply by e-mail within two business days whether you accept or decline the verdict. A non-response will result in the charges and fine affixed and your college records remaining encumbered until the citation is paid. If you decline the verdict, you may appeal the decision in writing based only upon significant new evidence or due process violations to the Vice President for Student Affairs by completing the Appeal of Student Traffic Court Decision form within two business days of the date of the e-mail verdict. If your appeal is approved for a rehearing, you must appear in person before the Student Traffic Court with your ticket.

"Parking in handicap zone" violations must be appealed to the Vice President for Administrative Services through the Chief of Police. Contact Campus Police (423-323-0255) for more information on the appeal of these violations.

At the discretion of the Court, your online appeal may be referred to a regular session or to the Vice President for Administrative Services if the case is beyond the scope of the online appeal process and/or of the Court's jurisdiction.

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