Department of Criminal Justice // Student Survey on Criminal Justice Programs
1.  My first semester at Northeast State was:
2.  Check as appropriate:
I have been mostly a part time student (6-9 credit hours a semester)
I have been mostly a fulltime student (12 or more credit hours a semester)
3.  My major is (Check all applicable):
AAS Public Safety and Justice Administration
Public Safety
Forensic Science
Crime Mapping & Analysis
AS University Parallel in Criminal Justice
Other - Please specify:
4.  Provide information as appropriate:
I have completed credit hours of CRMJ courses as of now
I am currently taking credit hours of CRMJ courses
5.  Select the number as appropriate for each item as related to the CRMJ course(s) that you have taken and/or are currently taking (with 5 being most agree, 1 least agree, and 0 not applicable):
1) I feel course content and learning objectives are appropriate.
2) I learned the skills/knowledge as specified in course objectives.
3) I feel there are sufficient opportunities for out-of-class activities such as club, volunteering, service learning, field work, etc. to enrich my learning.
4) I understand how program requirements help me acquire knowledge and skills needed for my field.
5) My instructors use a variety of teaching methods to engage me in learning and help me achieve learning objectives of the courses.
6) My instructors use a variety of methods (exams, quizzes, projects, written assignments/papers, etc.) to assess my learning.
7) I feel my coursework has helped me improve my communication skills.
8) I have improved my critical thinking and problem solving skills as a result of the coursework in the CRMJ program.
9) I receive proper and timely advisement and guidance from CRMJ faculty.
10) Overall, I am satisfied with the learning experience in the CRMJ program.
6.  Please comment on your experience in the Criminal Justice program at Northeast State: