Welcome to Northeast State!

~ Northeast State Online Orientation ~

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Welcome to Northeast State and Online Orientation! You have made an important decision in coming to Northeast State. A decision that can be life changing.

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and this orientation is a great place to start. Just follow the directions as you move through this program. You will be asked to answer questions to help you check your understanding of Northeast State and the services available to you. You may access this program at any time during your educational pursuits. When you complete this program you will know more about Northeast State, about the services we offer to help you and how to find those resources.

At the end of this orientation you will also receive instructions on how to schedule your appointment to register for classes.

"Welcome to Northeast State...a college and community of friends that's become a wonderful new family for me. You're going to love it, too!"

- Trisha Cross, Biology Major -