Northeast State Community College is conducting a needs assessment to help determine if child care services or transportation services should be provided to students. As always, all responses are confidential.
  1. Please select your current status:
    Full-time Student     Part-time Student     Administration/Staff     Faculty
  2. What is your age?
    17 or Below     18-24     25-34     35-44     45-64     65 or Above
  3. What is your gender?
    Female       Male
  4. What campus do you attend: [Select all that apply]
    Northeast State at Blountville (Main Campus)
    Northeast State at Elizabethton
    Northeast State at Gray
    Northeast State at Kingsport
Child Care Needs Assessment
  • Do you have any children under the age of 13?
    Yes      No
Transportation Needs Assessment
  • If public transportation to Northeast State were made available for free/minimal fee, would you use the service?
    Yes       No