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Chapter 2: Academics

02:16:00   Student Technology & eTextbooks



The rationale for technology requirements for students is provided in policy: 01:13:00 iNortheast Mobile Technology Initiative


Students enrolling in credit courses at Northeast State beginning fall 2017 are recommended to have access to a personal mobile, electronic device meeting the following minimum capabilities:

  • The device must have 'wifi' capabilities.
  • The device must be able to access the Northeast State Community College network, including all websites and the Student Service Portal for registration, library services, etc.
  • The device must be able to access the current LMS (D2L-BrightSpace) in which students may access their course work, upload and download from the LMS, and send and receive emails within the LMS.
  • The device must be able to access and operate the Chrome browser in order to access 'web-based' eTextbooks, videos, apps, and other digital content.
  • The device must be able to operate a word processing program.
  • The device must have a camera.
  • The device must have audio and earphone features and capabilities.
  • The device must be able to perform such functions as displaying eTextbooks, sending and receiving emails outside of the LMS, composing/writing papers, etc.

Academic departments will determine utilization in the classroom and may require additional capabilities.  Any additional program- and/or division-specific requirements will be outlined on course syllabi as well as available through the division office.

Specifications are listed at the iNortheast page on the college website: http://www.northeaststate.edu/Students/iNortheast/iNortheastState/ 


Students with disabilities shall work with the Coordinator of Access Services for accommodations. 


Students may already own or choose to purchase a device through any commercial vendor. 


Students may utilize eTextbooks through the iOPTiN program. Instructions for opting in are available on the College website and D2L system. Details are on the Northeast State website: http://www.northeaststate.edu/Students/iNortheast/iNortheastState/.  


Students who have completed all student financial aid requirements may be due student aid that exceeds their Northeast State tuition and fees. If a student has available excess student aid, then the student may use this aid on any educational expense. This includes, but is not limited to, books, class supplies, and electronic equipment that aids with class activities.

 Students who have excess student aid on their account will be able to utilize this aid in two ways:

  1. Students will have access to use their aid at the Northeast State Bookstore roughly 5 days prior to the start of class. This aid will be available to use at the bookstore until the start of the second week of class. Exact dates will be listed prior to the start of each semester with the Northeast State bookstore.
  2. During the second week of class, the Business Office will release any remaining excess student aid to students by way of a mailed check or direct deposit. The Business Office can release student aid if all classes have reported the student as attending.

Student eligibility for federal and state student aid will be determined once the student has a complete record with the office of Financial Aid. Student aid will be awarded based on eligibility as determined by the federal and state guidelines. Additionally, students must be marked as attending their courses to retain their student aid. Excess student aid can be used at any vendor once a student receives their excess aid check or direct deposit. Excess student aid should be used for educational expenses. 


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