Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6: College Committees & Advisory Councils

06:16:00   Financial Aid Committee

Purpose: The Financial Aid Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and establishing institutional policies relative to state and federal financial aid regulations. The Committee shall also hear student appeals to financial aid. 


  1. Director of Budgeting and Purchasing
  2. Dean of Enrollment Management 
  3. Director of Financial Aid, Chair and Non-voting Member
  4. Faculty (7):
    1. Faculty (1): Elected by Faculty in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Division
    2. Faculty (1): Elected by Faculty in the Health Professions Division
    3. Faculty (1): Elected by Faculty in the Humanities Division
    4. Faculty (1): Elected by Faculty in the Mathematics Division
    5. Faculty (1): Elected by Faculty in the Science Division
    6. Faculty (1): Elected by Faculty in the Advanced Technologies Division
    7. Faculty (1): Elected by Faculty in the Business Technologies Division
  5. Representative (1): Computer Services, Appointed by the President

The committee chair shall post a meeting summary on the campus bulletin board and post minutes/actions/plans on the Campus Drive, Committees Folder.

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