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Career and Employment Services: Job Placement/Graduate Survey

Personal Information

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Graduation Date  
Employment Information
  1. Are you presently employed?
    No (If no, skip to question #4)
  2. If yes, please give the following information:
     A.  Place of employment:   
     B.  Starting Job Title:   
     C.  Indicate your starting salary:   
     D.  Current Job Title:   
     E.  Indicate your current salary:   
  3. Is your job related to the education you received at Northeast State?
  4. If not, have you been employed in a position since graduating from Northeast State Community College related to the education you received?
  5. If you are not presently employed, please indicate all reasons which best describe your situation:
     Pursuing further education at:  
     Medical condition
     Family/home responsibilities
     Military service
     Volunteer/religious service
     No jobs available in my field
     Currently on lay-off status
     Have not sought a job in my field
     Other (please specify):
Additional Comments: