50th Anniversary

A long-ago U.S. education act breathed life into Northeast State. The simple charge: provide "education for persons of substantially varying needs."

Through the years, there have been name changes, different presidents, new buildings, and a thousand other transformations. But Northeast State has always held true to that original mission of serving individuals with diverse needs.

Thousands of all types of learners, with all types of dreams have taken advantage of a Northeast State education.

Whether a student needed a place to start, a second chance, or a boost to the next level, the College has lived up to its motto: "We're Here to Get You There."

Northeast State students have become valued employees and solid citizens. They are mechanics, welders, accountants, attorneys, nurses, teachers, police officers, physician's assistants, office workers, entrepreneurs, engineers, programmers, and paramedics, to name a few. They are the College's legacy of excellence.

While it’s impossible to tell the College’s complete story with a few paragraphs and bullets points, what follows are some of the milestones Northeast State has achieved. As one can see, it’s a journey of progress, starting in 1966 as a vocational school with two buildings, six programs, and 35 students; and arriving in 2016 as a comprehensive community college with five campuses, 150 programs, and serving more than 7,500 students annually.