SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation Ongoing Review Schedule
2018 SACSCOC Standards   2012 SACSCOC Standards
1.1 Integrity PR 1.1
2.1 Institutional mission CR 2.4 Gant, Kimberly 
3.1.a Degree granting authority CR 2.1 Gant, Kimberly 
3.1.b Course work for degrees CR 2.7.4 Rowell, Sam 
3.1.c Continuous operation CR 2.6 Gant, Kimberly 
4.1 Governing board characteristics CR 2.2
CR 2.3
Gant, Kimberly 
4.2.a Mission review CS 3.1.1
Gant, Kimberly 
4.2.b Board/administrative distinction CS
CS 3.2.6
Gant, Kimberly 
4.2.c CEO evaluation/selection CS 3.2.1 Gant, Kimberly 
4.2.d Conflict of interest CS 3.2.3 Gant, Kimberly 
4.2.e Board dismissal CS 3.2.5 Gant, Kimberly 
4.2.f External influence CS 3.2.4 Gant, Kimberly 
4.2.g Board self-evaluation N/A--new
Gant, Kimberly 
4.3 Multi-level governing structure CS
CS 3.13.4.a
CS 3.13.4.b
Gant, Kimberly 
5.1 Chief executive officer CR 2.3 Gant, Kimberly 
5.2.a CEO control CS 3.2.11 Gant, Kimberly 
5.2.b Control of intercollegiate athletics CS 3.2.11 Gant, Kimberly 
5.2.c Control of fund-raising activities CS 3.2.12 Montgomery, Paul 
5.3 Institution-related entities CS 3.2.13 Montgomery, Paul 
5.4 Qualified administrative/academic officers CS 3.2.8
CS 3.2.10
Copas, Tyra 
5.5 Personnel appointment and evaluation CS 3.2.9 Copas, Tyra 
6.1 Full-time faculty CR 2.8 Rowell, Sam 
6.2.a Faculty qualifications CS 3.7.1 Rowell, Sam 
6.2.b Program faculty CR 2.8 Rowell, Sam 
6.2.c Program coordination CS 3.4.11 Rowell, Sam 
6.3 Faculty appointment and evaluation CS 3.7.2 Rowell, Sam 
6.4 Academic freedom CS 3.7.4 Rowell, Sam 
6.5 Faculty development CS 3.7.3 Rowell, Sam 
7.1 Institutional planning CR 2.5 Gant, Kimberly 
7.2 Quality Enhancement Plan (Due Aug/Sep 2020) CR 2.12
CS 3.3.2
Delozier, Matt
Rowell, Sam
7.3 Administrative effectiveness CS Gant, Kimberly 
8.1 Student achievement CS
FR 4.1
Gant, Kimberly 
8.2.a Student outcomes: educational programs CS Rowell, Sam 
8.2.b Student outcomes: general education CS 3.5.1 Rowell, Sam 
8.2.c Student outcomes: academic and student services CS Gant, Kimberly 
9.1 Program content CR 2.7.2
CS 3.4.11
FR 4.2
Rowell, Sam 
9.2 Program length CR 2.7.1
FR 4.4
Rowell, Sam 
9.3 General education requirements CR 2.7.3 Rowell, Sam 
9.4 Institutional credits for an undergraduate degree CS 3.5.2 Rowell, Sam 
9.5 Institutional credits for a graduate/professional degree CS 3.6.3 Gant, Kimberly 
9.6 Post-baccalaureate rigor and curriculum CS 3.6.1
CS 3.6.2
Gant, Kimberly 
9.7 Program requirements CS 3.5.3
CS 3.6.4
Rowell, Sam 
10.1 Academic policies CS 3.4.5 Rowell, Sam 
10.2 Public information CS 3.4.3
FR 4.3
Delozier, Matt 
10.3 Archived information CS 3.13.6 Delozier, Matt 
10.4 Academic governance CS 3.4.1
CS 3.4.10
CS 3.7.5
Rowell, Sam 
10.5 Admissions policies and practices CS 3.4.3
CS 3.13.7
FR 4.6
Delozier, Matt 
10.6 Distance and correspondence education FR 4.8 Rowell, Sam 
10.7 Policies for awarding credit CS 3.4.6
CS 3.4.8
FR 4.9
Delozier, Matt 
10.8 Evaluating and awarding academic credit CS 3.4.4 Delozier, Matt 
10.9 Cooperative academic arrangements CS 3.4.7
CS 3.13.2
CS 3.13.6
Rowell, Sam 
11.1 Library & learning/information resources CR 2.9
CS 3.8.1
Rowell, Sam 
11.2 Library & learning/information staff CS 3.8.3 Rowell, Sam 
11.3 Library & learning/information access CS 3.4.12
CS 3.8.2
Rowell, Sam 
12.1 Student support services CR 2.1
CS 3.4.9
Delozier, Matt 
12.2 Student support services staff CS 3.9.3 Delozier, Matt 
12.3 Student rights CS 3.9.1 Delozier, Matt 
12.4 Student complaints CS 3.13.3
FR 4.5
Delozier, Matt 
12.5 Student records CS 3.9.2 Delozier, Matt 
12.6 Student debt N/A--new
Delozier, Matt 
13.1 Financial resources CR 2.11.1 Cline, Colonel 
13.2 Financial documents CR 2.11.1 Cline, Colonel 
13.3 Financial responsibility CS 3.10.1 Cline, Colonel 
13.4 Control of finances CS 3.10.3 Cline, Colonel 
13.5 Control of sponsored research/external funds CS 3.10.4 Cline, Colonel 
13.6 Federal and state responsibilities CS 3.10.2
FR 4.7
Cline, Colonel 
13.7 Physical resources CR 2.11.2
CS 3.11.1
CS 3.11.3
Lewis, Fred 
13.8 Institutional environment CS 3.11.2 Lewis, Fred 
14.1 Publication of accreditation status CS 3.13.5.a
CS 3.13.5.b
CS 3.14.1
Gant, Kimberly 
14.2 Substantive change CS 3.12.1 Gant, Kimberly 
Rowell, Sam
14.3 Comprehensive institutional reviews CS 3.13.4.a
CS 3.13.4.b
Rowell, Sam 
14.4 Representation to other agencies CS 3.13.1 Rowell, Sam 
14.5 Policy compliance CS 3.13.1
CS 3.13.4.a
CS 3.13.4.b
CS 3.13.5.a
CS 3.13.5.b
Gant, Kimberly 

NOTE: While SACSCOC reviews are episodic (decennial and fifth-year interim), the College is responsible for remaining in compliance with all standards at all times.

Those not marked with an asterisk will not be formally reviewed by SACSCOC until the decennial review. The official process for NeSCC’s 2021 Reaffirmation of Accreditation will begin January 2019, with the Compliance Certification due to SACSCOC March 1, 2020 and the on-site visit occurring fall of 2020.

When applicable, our responses to the SACSCOC requirements/standards must address off-campus sites and distance education. Therefore, each writer should collaborate with the Academic Affairs Office to ensure off-campus sites and distance education are adequately addressed when applicable.

Required and suggested documentation for each standard can be found in the SACSCOC Resource Manual at (

For old 2012 Principles the PR, CR, CS and FR codes denote the following: PR=Principle Requirement, CR=Core Requirement, CS=Comprehensive Standard, FR=Federal Requirement