Annual User Satisfaction Survey (2017)
  1. Have you visited the Northeast State Library at the Blountville campus this school year?

  2. How satisfied are you with the courteousness of the library staff?

  3. How satisfied are you with the knowledge of the library staff?

  4. How satisfied are you with the speed of service by the library staff?

  5. How satisfied are you with the availability of study space in the library?

  6. When you study in the library, what is your ideal noise level?

  7. When you have done research in the library, how satisfied have you been with the resources you found or were directed to by library staff?

  8. Please comment on your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with library resources.

  9. How likely would you be to visit the library on Saturday's if we are able to reopen on that day?

  10. I am a:

  11. The campus where I take most of my classes is:

  12. Please share any comments you have about the library: